Definition of a Woman

The Definition of a “Woman”

If you look up the definition of a woman in Oxford’s English Dictionary, it says the
Following: 1. An adult human female…1.1 A female person associated with a particular place, activity , or occupation. “One of his sophisticated London women”… 1.2 A peremptory address to a woman..”Don’t be daft , woman!”
1.3 A female worker or employee. 1.4 A female who is paid to clean someone’s house and carry out other domestic duties. “A daily woman.”1.5 A man’s wife, girlfriend or lover. ‘He wondered whether Billy had his woman with him’…

That being said, being too sensitive to comments made about women directly negates MY definition of a woman.

I am a woman.. which means I know who I am, I know what I have accomplished, I know what I am capable of , I am loving, sincere, and can tackle any problem put in front of me, with strength, intelligence and grace and diplomacy; as all the women in my life do, and as we continue to do.

“Does that mean I do not falter or need support?” No..”Does that mean I do everything right.?” No…

But it does mean I don’t have the time to scrutinize or dissect an off-handed comment made by any man or woman, nor do I give credence to anyone else’s opinion of what I am.