Wen vs. Everything Else

I have thick, coarse, color-treated hair.  Back in the day, I tried every conditioner, leave-in conditioner and hair serum known to man.

I have to say, nothing really made much of a difference.  So when I saw the “Wen” commercials, I swore I would try it, but I put the idea on the back-burner.

A friend of mine, who has the same type of hair, gave me some Wen Sweet Almond Mint cleansing conditioner for me to try out.

I have to say, I was amazed!!! As soon as I rinsed my hair I could feel the difference.  My hair felt soft and healthy.  That transformation had never happened before.

The only downside is-I absolutely hate anything that I have to sign up for with a monthly fee and delivery.  Why should anyone dictate when I should buy something?  Also, my hair is fairly long and thick, and you have to use at least six pumps of the stuff ( at 30 dollars a pop) , so it didn’t last very long.

But, I did join… got my first shipment, then cancelled ( which is never as easy as it sounds).

I kept thinking there must be a cheaper, easier alternative. I tried Biolage cleansing conditioner for 9.99. My hair felt like straw after rinsing, I had to add conditioner. I also tried L’Oréal Ever Pure; it was just like using any other shampoo.

So..even though there are some hair loss stories out there, I guess I have to make a decision.

Thank God my friend gave me some more Wen to use. I have about another week to figure it out.









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