Lip Syncing is giving me a sinking feeling

As I watched Mariah Carey at Times Square this past New Year’s Eve, I kept saying “Sing Mariah! Sing.. at least try!!! Who cares if you’re not in sync with your prerecorded track!!!! You are freakin’Mariah Carey, for God sakes!!!  You mean to tell me you can’ t sing one of your own songs reasonably on tune!?

img_0155I want to know then, How did the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones do it back in the day? Barbra Streisand?  Or even Frank Sinatra? ( who didn’t t have a really strong or perfect voice).

They did not have the technology of pre-recorded tracks, Autotune, ( which is like “spellchecker” for pitch) or even IEM’s or ear monitors (that block out ambient noise, allow the singer to hear their own voice, and they can even get prompts if they forget the lyrics).

They didn’t have “guide vocals”, where a sound engineer can “mix down” the live singing,and “mix up” a pre-recorded vocal track if the performer is not singing up to par for whatever reason.

I understand that the music business has changed.  I know that it is not easy to dance to modern choreography and sing at the same time, even if you are in the best of shape.  I realize the public expects a perfect performance and spectacle from their admired performer.

As I watched Lady GaGa perform at the Super Bowl, I kept looking for lip-syncing. I was so happy when she sounded a little out of breath when she was playing the piano and singing “Million Reasons”.

There is nothing like watching a LIVE performance.. It separates the true talents from the rest of us, who love music but were not given that blessing.












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